Zahi Badra. Born in Israel in 1984, reborn as a Berliner in 2010. Since my first visit in 2006, I fell in love and knew immediately, that there’s something special about this place. The stories that each building tell, the unusual vibe in the street, the vibrant and alternative cultural life, the amazing human mosaic and the absolute freedom, and I knew that this place calls me and wants to be my new home.

Moving to this beautiful, ugly, fascinating and scarred city, were unbelievable things have happened during the 20th century, woke up the scholar in me and sent me to a jurney. As a journalist and a political scientist, I was drawn to dwell in Berlin’s story, trying to figure out what made this city into what it is today.

Since 2013 I am guiding tourists in Berlin. I see that as a mission. To help people understand this fascinating place, to tell its story and to pass on some of the love I have to this wonderful city.



2002 – 2010: Journalistic and Editorial work in various media bodies in Israel, among them Yedioth Aharonoth, Galey Tzahal and mako.co.il.

2010 – 2013: Blogger and a freelance content writer and editor.

Since 2013: Berlin tour guide.

Since 2015: Food Blogger and Vegan Cooking Coach.


Academic Credentials:

MA Environmental Policy and Planning (TU Berlin, FU Berlin. 2017)

BSc Environmental and Resource Management (BTU Cottbus. 2013)

Political Science and Foreign Affairs studies (Open University, Israel. 2007)